Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I like World Vision. And a change is coming.

I just got home from a World Vision informative session on how to be an advocate for change.  I have been sponsoring a lil' kid from World Vision ever since I went to a Starfield concert when I was 15.   I was moved by what the band members shared, and even though I wasn't sure if I had $35 to give every month, I said yes!  10 years later, I still sponsor a kiddy.  A different one, though.  'Cause guess what?!  My first sponsored child, Ireen Kasimba, is now married off and fine without me!  Cool, eh?

And then I read this book called Not For Sale, which is about human trafficking.  And there was this one section that totally blew me away.  It made me trust World Vision (because we're all skeptics) even more.  I am too lazy to find the exact quote (read the book; it's awesome), but when a story was being told about a child soldier that escaped the rebel army camps in Sudan, he said that one of the things the kids were told while being brainwashed was to stay away from the World Vision camps because they would be hurt, killed, would never see their families again, etc.  How crazy!  If bad people are talking about World Vision, it must be doing something amazing.

So, finally, the infomercials.  I asked a question today about the marketing campaigns of World Vision because I think they kinda suck.  Nobody wants to see kids with flies in their eyes on TV.  We'd much rather watch (insert favorite show here)!   We are becoming more and more overwhelmed with all the disasters in the world that it sometimes feels easier to simply turn a blind eye to it all.  But, if we rework our perspectives and think about how small initiatives can make a big difference, then things will change.  World Vision is currently working on communicating this idea and changing the way they market their organization!  By telling true stories of lives changed.  Through telling the story of a specific girl, Ireen Kasimba, that I, Rosanna Tomiuk, helped, we'll believe that our small investments of stuff like $35 a month can make a difference.

So, there, I shared mine.  Now, believe you can create your own.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inflexible yet strong. Welcome to the journey.

I have been doing Moksha Yoga off and on for a little bit now. I live just up the street from the NDG studio! I'm excited to up my game and start taking this stuff a little more seriously.

Water polo makes me strong but inflexible. I cannot believe some of the stretches these yoga girls can pull off! Flexibility will give me more range of motion, prevent injury and help me sleep better (lower back tension=eeek). So, let's see if I can do this.

And perhaps yoga will help calm my mind 'cause it races regularly. And maybe help me consider what I eat more often--if you show up full of yuckiness, you're done.

They say yoga is far more than just a workout...