Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have awoken this morning thinking about progress.  I thrive off of it in an intense, intense way, and I am lying here thinking that it's cool how we can show the world our progression into new and better things via the internet.  Yesterday, my friend posted pictures of her new dermatology office that is completely beautiful, and I thought, "Wow, Sam!!!", as I looked at her pictures.  Progress.

On my end, in just these past few months, I've shown you guys my website, I've brought you to inspire kids with me,  I've brought you to the studio,  I've posted sneak-peek, underwater pics of my EP cover, I've written some blogs, I've status updated about my Canadian Select League water polo team (that is in the championship game later on today, by the way!), and I've informed you of my travels to Hawai'i and Portland and Gatineau.  If you follow my story at all, you may think that I am a high-functioning individual, and you would assume that progress is a natural part of my life.  And you're right.

But, there is something the internet and all of my self-promoting can't necessarily give you guys, which is a window into the progress of my relationships.  Sure, I can tweet about the great conversation I had with my friend, @KarahHawkins, last night, but I can't really prove to you that our friendship is healthy and strong via the internet in the same way I can provide evidence for my budding career.

And that is something I think we all need to be aware of.  Ok, you're interesting because you're talented and do stuff with your time, but do you have true, loving relationships?

There is a high chance that you're not all over the internet letting the world know of your adventures, but that you're living an adventure of meaningful and life-giving relationships.  I think this really matters.  More than almost anything.  So, if you are, be encouraged!  There is substance to your journey, even if millions of people aren't hearing about it.

Relationships do not lead to quality of life; 
they ARE quality of life.