Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I Saw

When I was a child, I had a vision of myself in the future.  

It was a sunny afternoon in Montreal.  I was in the back seat of my mom's Ford. I must have been really little because gazing out the window required looking up. We were driving down Montrose, and then it happened. 

Just as we passed Westhill, a film began playing in my mind. I saw myself before a crowd of people, but I'm not sure how large it was. I stood before them, but I stood for them, and I yearned for justice.  From my mouth came six words, and now that I understand who Martin Luther King Jr. is, I was a little bit like him.

"Do we not have the rrright???..."

The people knew exactly what I was talking about.  There was energy, emotion and urgency.

And then it ended.  

Mom and I drove on towards Windermere. 

Today, I still don't know what I was fighting for.  Today, I wonder if what I envisioned was destiny whispering itself into my being and preparing me for my mission. Today, it feels a lot closer to destiny unfolding.

What was your vision?  Are you living it?